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Pissed Jeans and YVETTE at Rough Trade NYC

On Thursday, June 7, 2018, Pissed Jeans and YVETTE performed at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY. The show was a part of Northside Festival which is commemorating their tenth anniversary this year.

I'm not attending many Northside shows this year but I felt I had to attend this one as I love both bands and was pretty thrilled they were playing together. PJ are still touring in support of last year's Why Love Now? and YVETTE have a new album on the way.

Matt Korvette stated that the one thing that Rough Trade the venue had in common with Pissed Jeans the band was a strict 11PM curfew.

Pissed Jeans the band ended their set with "False Jesii Part 2" and were done at 10:55PM.