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Jeff Rosenstock and Anika Pyle at Silent Barn

On Sunday, March 25, 2018, a fundraiser for Educated Little Monsters took place at Silent Barn, who recently announced they would close at the end of April. Silent Barn is currently the home of Educated Little Monsters, a community visual arts program that will need to find a new space. When the show was announced a few days ago, the headliner was a secret but Rosenstock tweeted a link to the Facebook event, which was a massive hint he was the unannounced performer. 

When I arrived to the venue, there was a line of people that filled most of the block outside of Silent Barn since the show had sold out. The assistant directors of Educated Little Monsters, Olithea Anglin and Lizzie Conner, spoke before the performances began around 9PM and their plan to continue their work with neighborhood youth in a new location. 

The performances by Anika Pyle (of Katie Ellen and Chumped) and Jeff Rosenstock were solo acoustic sets. The audience during Pyle's set was mostly silent with everyone listening to her words before and during songs and Rosenstock's was more like a giant sing-along. Photos from the show now appear in the gallery above.

To contribute to ELM's program and relocation efforts, please visit their With Friends page here.