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Favorite portraits of 2018

It's the end of 2018 and this year photography wise was more productive than the previous one for me. I covered more events than 2017 which was easy to do since I spent nearly 3 months in a leg cast the year before.

I became a full time freelance photographer for the first time in my life for half of 2018. Having a more flexible schedule allowed me to cover more things than I normally would agree to. Shooting a David Bowie themed event that has doors at 11PM on a Thursday night when I’m usually sleeping? Yes, please!

When I initially stopped working full time, I over extended myself (naturally) and learned what my limits are. Photographing a show every night for over a week was a lot fun but it also made me quite tired. A few days after Silent Barn closed their doors, I slept for over 10 hours since I’d been shooting there over the previous weeks whenever I could.

This year was also an eventful one. I was laid off from my job of 13 years (the huge reason I freelanced full time for a few months), got married, went to Europe for our honeymoon, and covered some shows that I probably wouldn't have a year or two ago. Why the change? I invested in zoom lenses* and felt more confident shooting shows in larger spaces. I've been photographing bands in small clubs or DIY spaces with prime lenses for so long that if felt a little weird to me shooting something outside that. But I think I'm over that now.

On this penultimate day of 2018, I'm sharing some of my favorite portraits taken this year in the above gallery and looking forward to creating more images like these in 2019.

Thank you to Music Existence, BTRtoday, The Museum of Modern Art, Portals, and Per La Mente for giving me the opportunity to make these portraits throughout the past year.

My favorite live photos from this year can be found here.

*It’s probably not financially wise to spend thousands of dollars on new photo equipment when you’re applying for work and getting married in a few weeks but it’s too late for me to not do that now.