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The Eyeslicer Halloween Special at Nitehawk Cinema

The Eyeslicer is a DIY TV series that embarked on a tour to screen their Halloween special in spaces around the country. On Thursday, September 27th, The Eyeslicer held a sold out screening of their Halloween special at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“The Eyeslicer Halloween Special” is comprised of horror shorts that features Carrie Coon ("Great Choice" by Robin Comisar), John Carpenter ("The Puppet Man" by Jacqueline Castel), and the return of Gwilliam. The costume contest gave out prizes for best costume, worst costume, and middle of the road costume. The prizes were a copy of The Eyeslicer Halloween Special on VHS (which is the only way to see the entire special outside of the screenings), a bag of Brachs pumpkin candy, and a copy of the Eyeslicer 2018 zine respectively. Filmmakers Robin Comisar and Sophy Romvari ("Pumpkin Movie") were in attendance and judged the costume contest.

If you missed their tour, they will be showing it once more at Nitehawk tonight at midnight. If you’re outside of the NYC area, you can purchase the special online up until Halloween. More information about the special can be found in this Vulture article.

 The Eyeslicer Halloween Special. Art by  Mila Matveeva .

The Eyeslicer Halloween Special. Art by Mila Matveeva.