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Protomartyr, The Gotobeds, and Big Quiet at WFMU Montgomery Hall

On Friday, September 15, 2017, Protomartyr returned to WFMU in Jersey City, NJ to play a sold out show before their forthcoming record, Relatives in Descent, is released by Domino Records.  They were joined by Big Quiet, and Pittsburgh's The Gotobeds. Protomartyr frontman Joe Casey told the crowd WFMU was one of the first places that cared about the band when they first started out (quipping that they were really bad at the time). He dedicated their first song, "In My Sphere," to actor Harry Dean Stanton, who died earlier that day at the age of 91. I've caught a few Protomartyr performances over the years but I think Casey was the most talkative on the WFMU stage. He said he doesn't do much stage banter but proceeded to make jokes about The Gotobeds who stood at the side of the stage and went on to admit that he hasn't danced much since his younger days when he went to ska shows. The Detroit band performed a sixteen song set, plus a two song encore ("Why Does It Shake?," and "Scum, Rise") with the show ending right around midnight.

I haven't traveled to Jersey City to see a show since July 2013's Screaming Females, Shellshag, and Nuclear Santa Claust concert at Maxwell's before the venue closed, and thanks to WFMU, I had a really great reason to get on the PATH train again four years later.