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Black Sheep, AllNat, and Amani Fela at Sunnyvale

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, Sunnyvale in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn hosted a hip hop show featuring live performances by Amani Fela, AllNat, and Black Sheep and Boston Chery DJing in between sets. I've never seen Amani Fela or AllNat before and really enjoyed them. Dres of Black Sheep showed up late and apologized more than once for his tardiness and performed new and old songs that he could before the concert's midnight curfew. He joked that he was delayed because he was busy saving children and I guess we'll find out today via local news sources if that altruistic excuse was true or not. I believe the last time I saw him perform was at Wetlands about 17 years ago (or was it at Fordham in the Bronx before I graduated from the Lincoln Center campus in 2002?). Either way, experiencing Dres perform songs like "Strobelite Honey," "Flavor of the Month," and "The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)" live in an intimate space was long overdue.