this is not a photograph


Sad13 at McCarren Park

At the final SummerScreen event of summer 2017*, Tidal curated a free performance by Sad13 before the audience film pick, Beetlejuice. I attended Sad13's record release show at Alphaville back in November and I was extremely excited Sadie Dupuis' solo project was selected to play a free set on Wednesday, August 9th. Sad13 recently did a free "Summer Thunder" show at Union Pool back on Saturday, July 22nd but I couldn't go because I was watching Battle Royale and Je T'aime Je T'aime at MoMA as a part of their current sci-fi series called "Future Imperfect: The Uncanny in Science Fiction" that afternoon so I was extremely happy this additional show was booked. 

Sadie made Beetlejuice-related jokes as a way of introducing her songs from Slugger but gave up attempting to make a connection between Tim Burton's film from 1988 and her material by the fourth or fifth song. I showed up before the announced time of 7PM, with Sad13 and the rest of the band going on around 7:30 and I captured their set for the above gallery. Most people sat in chairs or on the floor on blankets on the asphalt further back from the stage area so I felt a little awkward standing so close up front but after a while, I didn't care that I was the only person standing so close to the band, with two cameramen and two other photographers joining me closer to the set time. 

*Technically, it's not the final one of the summer. There's one last screening and performance on Wednesday, August 16th featuring a live set by Sammus, who toured with Sad13 but it's a rescheduled date from last week's rained out screening of I Know What You Did Last Summer.