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Adult Mom, Free Cake for Every Creature, and Long Neck at Knitting Factory

One of the great things about sticking around New York City during a holiday weekend is that everyone else seems to leave the city. The bars and restaurants that I usually avoid because they seem to be always crowded become empty. Another great thing is that there are still great live events to attend while most people skip town. An example of this was the very strong bill of Adult Mom, Free Cake for Every Creature, and Long Neck performing on Sunday, July 1, 2017 at Knitting Factory.

The show was booked by AdHoc and was the penultimate concert of Adult Mom & Free Cake's tour together. The opener, Long Neck, is the new band of Lily Mastrodimos of the now broken up Jawbreaker Reunion*. Before the show began, I messaged Lily asking her if she wanted to shoot some portraits before the show. Thankfully she was available and said yes. I knew there was a playground near the venue that I pass by a lot that would be fun to explore. I wanted to put her on the swings but all of them were taken so we just posed near a slide instead. 

The concert began at 8:30 with a set from Long Neck. Although the project began as a solo effort, LN expanded to a full band which sounded really great. Free Cake for Every Creature had a quieter set and I'll be honest, I was annoyed that so many people were talking during their performance because it was extremely distracting. Katie and the rest of the band plowed through their set; seemingly to only pause to drink water and remark that Katie saw a Lorde performance and she didn't drink any water once during her much longer set. 

Adult Mom's set was also great. Steph's family (their mom, dad, and grandparents) were in the audience at Knitting too. Songs from their newest album released in May, Soft Spots, sounded great live with many in the crowd singing along. At one point Steph asked Katie of Free Cake to join them on stage to cover Lorde's "Supercut." Overall, this was a wonderful show from beginning to end and I'm happy that I didn't leave New York so I could capture it for the gallery that appears above.

*I'm still amused that Jawbreaker Reunion broke up and the real Jawbreaker are reuniting in September at Riot Fest. No more confused Jawbreaker fans showing up to JBR shows, I guess.