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Francis and the Lights at CB2 After Hours

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, Francis and the Lights performed a free show for CB2 After Hours at the SoHo location of CB2 (451 Broadway) in New York, NY. It was my first time experiencing Francis Farewell Starlite's live performance and it was in a fairly intimate yet weird space. Over the years, I've attended shows at DIY spaces, rooftops, and other unusual locations but I don't think I've ever worried about breaking something I didn't own at a concert before (it looks like most valuable items were moved or lined up against the wall so if you were near the stage or sitting on a couch or chair, you were in the clear).

Attendees sat on floor model furniture before the show began and we were served wine, beer, and cider while DJ Alexandra Sabillón performed. Francis went on about 10:10PM and played a nearly hour set with a one song encore. Fans sang along, danced, and screamed during the show and Francis went into the crowd on multiple occasions during his set.

This was a tricky set to shoot due to Francis' constant movement without using any flash and the spotlights causing a reflection/flare effect but I had a great time shooting the gallery that appears above.