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Bring Back Shea Stadium

I got my start photographing shows in the late 90s by showing up with a camera and seeing if I was allowed to shoot. There were definitely concerts I wanted to attend but missed out on because I wasn't old enough to get in (the age restriction was either 18 or 21). All ages spaces like Shea Stadium are crucial because they allow people to perform in front of others and grow from that experience. I'm not an entertainer but Shea allowed me to take photos whenever I was able to. When I was the photo editor at Impose, whenever a photographer requested to cover an event at Shea Stadium, Nora always enthusiastically said yes. I can't think of any other venue in NYC that is still around that almost always allowed photographers to capture shows there without any hesitation.

Shea Stadium recently closed but the good news is that they're working on reopening. They're aiming to get the space up to code, acquire permits, and meet all the requirements that would facilitate their opening. Earlier today, they announced a Kickstarter campaign and they've already met their goal. If you have the means to support them, please do. We need spaces like Shea to foster live music, comedy and other community events.  

The Village Voice wrote about Shea's campaign and one of my images ran with the piece. That can be found here.