this is not a photograph


YVETTE, Eaters, and Parlor Walls at Zone One at Elsewhere

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, Zone One at Elsewhere hosted three great NYC bands: YVETTE, Eaters, and Parlor Walls. 

This was my first time seeing Parlor Walls live after the release of their newest record, Opposites, which came out on Northern Spy Records back in March. The last time I saw Eaters live was in May 2013 at Death by Audio (RIP). And the headliner, YVETTE, I saw most recently in September with Liars.

I captured all three bands' sets for the gallery above. The lighting (well, lack of it) made shooting a little difficult during Parlor Walls and Eater and I was glad I wasn't on assignment and just photographing this great show for myself.