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Melkbelly, Anni Rossi, and Maneka at Alphaville

After releasing their first full length record called Nothing Valley via Wax Nine Records on Friday, October 13th, Chicago's Melkbelly returned to Alphaville in Brooklyn, NY for a headlining set on Friday, October 20th. They played the same venue with Washer, RIPS, and Ubetcha in July of last year.  The Chicago quartet were supported by Anni Rossi and Maneka, Devin McKnight's (Grass is Green, ex Speedy Ortiz) new band. Devin introduced a song as being about the good friendship between Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen. I believe the reference flew over most attendees heads but I will state publicly that a. I love a good reference to the 2003-2007 FOX television drama, "The O.C." and b. I couldn't help laughing out loud at it. Anni Rossi, who played after Maneka and before Melkbelly, played a viola but more like a guitar (no bow was used and was slung like a guitar rather resting on her shoulder).  If you don't have any plans tonight (Saturday, October 21st), she is playing Muchmore's in Williamsburg and you can check it out yourself.

I shot all three acts at Alphaville last night, plus took a few portraits of Melkbelly after their soundcheck and those images are available in the gallery above.