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Mitski and Soccer Mommy at White Eagle Hall

Still touring in support of her amazing record, Puberty 2, Mitski added a few headlining dates before opening for Pixies and performing abroad. The first date took place in Jersey City, NJ on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at the newly restored White Eagle Hall. The venue accommodates 800 concertgoers and many of them, including myself, traveled from New York City via the PATH train. I joked with my fiancĂ© while waiting for the train that you could tell who was also heading to the show (mostly young women who took some time to purchase their fare or go through the turnstiles as the PATH system is slightly different than the MTA one they're used to).

We arrived at the beautiful venue just before 8PM, when Soccer Mommy was scheduled to start (she started right on the dot). Sophie Allison, the Nashville musician was recently profiled as a part of a big feature the New York Times did regarding women ruling rock music. Soccer Mommy had been one of two acts I hadn't seen live at that point (the other was War on Women) so I was really looking forward to experiencing their set. Sophie played most songs with a full band and then did a few songs solo.

Mitski took the stage an hour and fifteen minutes later and most of the audience sang along to each song. She remarked that looking into the crowd, she knew most of the people there, such as friends who saw her perform in a dorm room and shouted out those of us who saw her perform at The Silent Barn (her previous record, Bury Me at Makeout Creek had a release show at the Bushwick venue in November 2014, which just held a series of fundraising shows featuring Shamir, Snail Mail, and Speedy Ortiz last week).

Mitski and her band sounded wonderful (as usual) and I was grateful that I made the trek with 799 other people to see her in Jersey City as the last two times I saw her live were in larger spaces like Brooklyn Steel (in April) and Webster Hall (in November 2016, which is now closed for renovations). The show ending around 10:15 was an extremely nice bonus for those of us who had to head to work on Monday morning.